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Long time…BIG news!

First of all, my apologies for abandoning this blog! I guess you could say there was a drought, famine, or whatever you want to call it on the “2 are better than 1” blog. Anyway, my last post was Memorial Day and there has been a lot going on since then.

Let’s see if I can sum up…Adam and I went to the beach with my family for a week. It was the first time in probably 12 years that I have been down with my side of the family and we had a blast. Adam discovered his love of fishing thanks to my Uncle Drenner and his boat. P1030665
When we got back, Adam’s dad, my dad and I entered a 5k on a golf course. Hard stuff. Anyway, it turns out that I won 1st Female overall and Adam’s dad won 3rd in his age group! It was his first race he’d ever run…congrats Dad #2! I’ll post pics later…

The last week in June we got to go to the beach again with Adam’s family. This was my 4th year going with them (I think) and I always love going down there. We rent a house at Ocean Isle with about 12 of his other family members and it’s one trip that I look forwad going on every year! I’ll post pics later for that too…

I’ve saved the biggest news of the summer for last…drum roll please…
On June 10th, 2009, Adam and I found out that we are expecting!! Yes, it is true, I am currently 9 weeks pregnant! People have asked us, “did you plan it?, was it a surprise?”, well…let’s just say God’s timing is perfect and He knows what He’s doing! It actually works out pretty good…I’m due February 12th, 2010 and will be out for so many weeks, then I won’t have long until I get to stay home with the baby for the summer! Adam and I both are truly excited about this new chapter that has begun in our lives. There will be some changes, but change is always good…right? Now, I am new at this…obviously…so check back because I may have questions, wonderings, and comments for all you moms out there to help me out with! Until then, I’ll leave you with our first pictures of our little gummy bear!

Gummy bear #1

Gummy bear #1

Gummy bear #2

Gummy bear #2

Gummy bear #3

Gummy bear #3

We are truly excited to see what God as blessed us with. Please keep us in your prayers as well as our little one! I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot more in the coming months with updates and such…so be sure to check back!

PS: (It feels good to have finally gotten that secret out!)

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Pretty powerful!


Today Adam and I had the privledge of going on an adventure together. We were actually going to see if a Home Goods store had this wall art we wanted to put over our fireplace. We didn’t find anything, BUT we did go into Off Broadway afterwards and found, I believe, the best shoe made! Adam and I bought ourselves a pair of “Sanuks”. I’m not quite sure how you pronounce the name, but they are the most comfertable shoes I have ever worn! Now, if you know Adam, you know that he has the most flat feet any person could ever have and finding him a good pair of shoes that he can stand to wear is an adventure in itself. But when he put these shoes on it’s like his feet just melted. He could not stop telling me how good they felt (I’ll give you and update in a couple of weeks).
So these shoes/sandals are made with a sandal bottom and a flexible “shoe” top. They say that the natural feel of the sandal bottom will actually help us walk in our natural way. Most shoe stores will look at your feet and give you this high tech shoe with different gels and arches and they end up hurting your feet a month down the road. I’ve always thought it was kind of funny when Adam would go get fitted for a pair of shoes and the sales people would give him a shoe with a high arch in it when Adam doesn’t even have an arch. Come on people…you don’t put 2 un-natural things together and expect it to be comfortable! So I really have high hopes for these shoes…I guess we’ll see!

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