My better half

I just wanted to take a few moments to talk about my amazing husband. I am completely in awe when I think about our relationship and why God chose me to be his wife. I know I’ve talked on here about how Adam is such an amazing man, but can I just tell you that he’s even more wonderful being a Dad!

Pretty much all during the day I get emails asking me to send him pictures of his little princess. When he comes home he makes a bee-line to wherever she is to see if she’s sleeping or awake and to give her a kiss. He feeds, burps, changes (yes, changes), and holds her whenever he can. He stares at her when she sleeps and says over and over how beautiful she is. He is an amazing Dad.

Some of you might know Adam has a couple of extra jobs on top of his full-time teaching job. He gets up at 4:45am every morning to drive the morning bus route for the Elementary kids at our school, he tutors multiple students after school each week, and he heads up after-school detention. He does all of this because he loves our family and he will do anything and everything he can to provide for us.

Adam, nothing you do goes unnoticed. Leah and I appreciate everything you do for our family! You are an amazing man of God, a devoted husband, and one proud Daddy! I love you with all my heart and never forget that you have what it takes to do whatever you want to in this world and Leah and I could not be happier to be on this adventure with you! Love you!


I’m ready!

It seems like all I post about lately is Leah. I can’t help it. She has consumed my thoughts and actions. She was supposed to arrive yesterday, but she has decided she will be fashionably late. Maybe she’s waiting for Valentine’s day. I just got through hanging up the last of her clothes and I think she may have more clothes than I’ll know what to do with. We’ll just have to play dress up during the day.

Her closet 🙂

On another note, when I got home from school today I found the most beautiful bouquet of tulips waiting on the counter for me along with some chocolates and a card. My husband’s the best! He knows I love tulips and chocolate is pretty high on my list and to top it off, he surprised me with a couple’s massage to have after Leah comes. I’m so thankful to be married to such an amazing man of God who would do anything for his family! Love you babe!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Nesting, maybe?

I don’t know, but I might have entered into the nesting stage. (Or I could just be “wanting” to be in the nesting stage because I’m so anxious to meet my little girl). For the past two days I have had sudden bursts of energy to get things done. Usually I’m either in bed or asleep on the couch by 9:00pm, but as you can see it’s 10:15 and I’m wide awake writing a post! I know…it’s a miracle! I’m dying to get things done in Leah’s nursery, but I keep getting delayed. Adam and I were going to go to Hobby Lobby today to pick up a few things to do some wall art in her room, but they were closed. Needless to say I was disappointed, but I do respect their willingness to be closed for a day of worship and rest. Then, I had waited all day to get some pictures developed to put in her nursery and waited an hour at CVS to get them done…but did that happen…nope. I got frustrated and my emotions got the best of me and I left. We’re supposed to be getting her bedding sometime this month and I can’t wait to put everything together! We are also ordering a very cool wall decal from one of my favorite sites. I’m very excited about it! Oh! We also went and got Leah a coming home outfit today. We wanted to get her some different sized outfits to bring to the hospital for her to come home in because we don’t know how big she’ll be. Speaking of clothes, I’m so ready to start washing all her clothes (which will take me about a week)…but I’m waiting to see if I get any of the “Dreft” detergent at any of my showers.

I know Adam is about tired of me being pregnant. He’s ready for me to be normal again and for all my mood swings and emotional outbursts to subside. Only 5 more weeks babe (or sooner)! Well, I’ve got to start winding down…work always comes on Monday! Goodnight!

Exciting things to come!

Tomorrow Adam and I are getting something special done. Our last ultrasound of Leah was at about 18 weeks when we found out she was a girl. I have been wanting to get another ultrasound just to see her again and to re-assure myself that she is my little princess. I was told that we wouldn’t get another ultrasound unless it was necessary. Some of our close friends in our small group recommended some places to get a 3D ultrasound done. I checked them out and they had some great specials going on (maybe because of Christmas), but we are getting one tomorrow! It’s our Christmas present to each other this year and we are both so excited! You get to invite up to 10 family members to come and sit in a theater style room and see the ultrasound on a 100 inch screen. So, Adam’s parents, his brother, my mom and dad, and my sister are all coming to see Leah. I couldn’t be more excited because if you’ve ever seen the before and after pictures of these ultrasounds, it’s pretty amazing how close they look like their ultrasound picture when they are born! Technology is amazing! I will be sure to post some pictures after we get them!

On another note, I said in my previous post that if I did any Christmas shopping I would update you…well…we did! Saturday we got some of our shopping done, but not all of it. We braved the mall and pushed through our way of the crowded aisles. Adam and I told each other that when we go back, we will definitely be going in the morning.

Today was an exciting day at our church because it was the commitment day for our one year pledge for the building we are building in Blakeney. The leaders of the church gave a couple of weeks ago and the outcome was simply God. 400 leaders gave $1.5 which was the amount we had to have by the end of the year to close on the land. I am so proud to be apart of such a huge move of God and I could not think of something better to give to than a church who is investing in the city of Charlotte and more importantly in the lives of millions of people around the globe. Today we had the privilege of giving away $250,000 to the different outreach ministries we partner with around Charlotte. I’m still in awe of the generosity and faith of our church and Adam and I feel truly blessed to be apart of just a portion of it.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday night…I’m scared to ask this question…Vikings or Panthers?

My Amazing Husband

Well, yesterday was just one of those days. Let me explain…woke up, went to work, had a dentist appt. to get 2 cavities filled, came back to school because my girls had 2 back-to-back games to cheer at, and finally got home at around 9:30pm. That may not seem like a long day to some of you, but to a pregnant person, it’s a different story!

Taking our stuff out of the car and transporting it to the house from the garage is an ordeal for us (just because we always have so much stuff)! So when we pulled into the garage last night I was not looking forward to lugging all my stuff in from the day…but when I opened the trunk, I saw a very pretty wrapped gift with a card on top that said, “Elizabeth”. My spirits immediately lifted because I love surprises! I asked Adam who it was from and he wouldn’t tell me.

Well, when we got inside I opened the card and, what do you know, it was from my amazing husband! Now, let me preface this a little…

You see being pregnant is a wonderful thing, but when your clothes start to get tight and you have to “button” your jeans with a rubber band, and even when your comfy t-shirts are fitting snug, it seems like your insecurities are at an all time high. Even though you know you have a growing baby inside you and it’s a wonderful thing, there’s still something that’s hard about not fitting into your “normal” clothes (at least from a pregnant woman’s point of view…all my pregnant friends know what I’m talking about)! It’s always an ordeal for me to pick out what I’m going to wear the next day and Adam always finds me standing in my closet staring at my pre-pregnancy clothes wishing I could still wear some of them. Every time before he leaves me in my slumber, he always embraces me and tells me I am beautiful no matter what I look like.

Ok, so I start to open my gift and I find two, yes two, very cute maternity long sleeve shirts that fit like a glove and a bag of Reece’s! My man knows me! I love it that my hubby has a great sense of style and I love it even more when he tucks all my insecurities away and makes me feel beautiful…as long as he thinks I am, that’s all that matters (and it makes me a happy girl)!

I know this may seem un-important to you, but it’s the little things that count and when Adam does these things for me to show me he loves me, it speaks volumes! So, thank you to my sweet husband whom I love with all my heart! Thank you for being my best friend, the man of my dreams, my soul mate, and Leah’s father. You mean the world to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Another Doc. appt…

We had another doctor’s appointment this past Wednesday to get my results back from all the bloodwork. Everything came back normal and my doctor told me the risks for miscarriage go down tremendously since I am in my 2nd trimester. We also got to hear our baby’s heartbeat again which is always a good sound! I’ve only gained a pound so far, but she told me I will start gaining about .5 lb per week now. I’ve also gotten kind of lazy on my exercising, but I plan to start back soon!

The past 3 days we’ve had cheerleading camp for the girls at the school. My future sister-in-law (whose also the coach for ASU) came down and did the camp for us. It was very fun and helpful, but also very hot and exhausting! I guess it gave me a little taste of how I’ll feel after a full workday. Afternoon naps are definitely going to help me, and my sweet husband encourages me to take them because he knows I’m tired. I love him!

Adam and I will go back to the doctor in about 4 weeks to see what we’re having (I’m about 14 weeks along). It’s crazy because it seems to go by so fast! So…I want to leave everyone with a little poll…girl or boy?

13 weeks…I’ve graduated!

I am officially 13 weeks. Yes…I’ve graduated into my 2nd trimester! Woo hoo! No more queseyness…(well maybe a little more). Adam and I went to our 3rd doctor’s appt. this past Monday for my 1st Trimester screening. The nurse took some pictures (which I’ll post at the end) and I got some blood taken. She told us that as far as she can tell with the pictures, everything looks great, but we won’t know for sure until my bloodwork comes back. We go back next Wednesday to get all the results.

While she was taking the ultrasound, she needed to get a specific picture, but low and behold…our baby was sound asleep! She even poked around on my stomach to see if she could wake him/her up…no such luck! I guess that could be a good thing when they come into this world! So most of the pictures you’ll see, the baby is sleeping!

I’ve pretty much gotten out of being quesey feeling all the time. The only time I feel bad is when I wait too long to eat. The tiredness is still there and I’ve had people tell me that it only gets worse! I’ll be starting back work in a couple weeks, so I guess we’ll see how it goes…pray for Adam!

Our little baby is so cute already (maybe I’m a little biased)! I’ll leave you with a few pictures of Baby Hamilton…

A profile shot (head is to the right).

A profile shot (head is to the right).

This is one of my favorites...he/she looks all snuggled up!

This is one of my favorites...he/she looks all snuggled up!

Another profile shot!

Another profile shot!

Here's a close can see its nose, lips, and chin! (very photogenic already)!

Here's a close can see its nose, lips, and chin! (very photogenic already)!

A good shot of its arm...and all 5 fingers!

A good shot of its arm...and all 5 fingers!

Here's a shot of its legs...his/her feet are heel to heel.

Here's a shot of its legs...his/her feet are heel to heel.