All Done!

Today marks the day we finally finished all of our Christmas shopping! The day before Christmas eve…that’s how we do it! And…we’ve wrapped everything too! Well, Adam wrapped everything…I was the “tape giver outer”. Adam has some mad wrapping skills, so I let him do his thing! The next two days are going to be very busy with us. I’ve got to say that I am truly more excited about Christmas eve than I am Christmas! I cannot wait to go to our church’s Christmas Eve service downtown! There has been a lot of talk about this event for months and tomorrow it is actually here! They had one today at 3pm and there are three services tomorrow. The amount of lives that will be changed will be unbelievable and I can’t wait to experience it with my own eyes! I’m sure I will have a lot to talk about after the next two days, so until then…Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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