Powerful Sunday

Yesterday, our

It’s a…

Well, today Adam and I went to the doctor and we found out what we’re having! All the days leading up to this day crawled by and now…we know! I am so excited to finally start thinking about names, colors for the nursery, registering, buying clothes, and so much more!! The nurse said that she was for sure of the sex of the baby and that we had nothing to worry about. The ultrasound was mainly done today to make sure our baby has everything…2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 2 arms, 2 legs, etc. and also of course to tell us whether we were having a boy or girl! Everything looked great and our baby’s heart rate was 143 bpm.

Well, I can’t hold it back anymore…to everyone who thought we were having a boy…you’re WRONG!


Yay! Adam and I are so excited and we couldn’t be more thankful and feel more blessed that the Lord has given us a daughter! What’s even better is that my sister had her little girl 10 months ago, so they’ll be close enough in age to be playmates…and to get her hand-me-downs! Anyway, we’re so excited and we wanted to share with all our readers the great news! Check back for updates!

17 weeks!

Today marks me being 17 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe how fast it’s already gone! Pretty soon, I’ll be at the half way point! Crazy stuff! I get these little updates every week telling me how things are going, how big my baby is, and how I’m changing. This week, our little one is as big as an onion and is about 5 inches long. We go this coming Wednesday to find out if it’s a boy or a girl and we can’t wait! Looks like from my poll that people think it’s a girl…we’ll see! Anyway, just a random little post about my sweet baby! Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!