A Little Change Never Hurt Anyone…

I’ve changed again…ok, not me…just my blog! I have always wondered how I could convert my old blogging host to a new one. Well, I did some looking around and figured out how to do it! (I’m proud of myself…I’m almost up there in “computer saviness” with my sweet hubby)! Don’t ask me why, I just wanted something different…I’m one of those people who like to change things around a lot for no particular reason(especially furniture). I will post a link from my old site to my new one, but if you know of any readers who aren’t up on the times yet…pass the word along! I’ve made it easy on you…

old blog: http://www.elizabethhamilton.blogspot.com
new blog: http://www.elizabethhamilton.wordpress.com

Aside from all the changes, Adam and I are done with school for the year!! Wooo! We have teacher workdays until Thursday, and then Friday we leave for the beach! We officially have 88 days of relaxing and enjoying the best season of all…summer! Teaching has it’s downfalls sometimes, but the advantages outweigh them by far!

Here’s to a little change and a relaxing summer!!

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