The Countdown has begun!

In T-minus 31 days, Adam and I will be heading to Orlando, FL for spring break! Adam’s parents invited us to go with them and we can’t wait! I mean, how can you turn down a trip to Disney World (a place where all your dreams come true)??? Disney World is not just for kids people, it’s for the kids at heart too! (I will always be a kid at heart, so I guess that means I can go for the rest of my life)! Adam and I are so excited and today I started my countdown (well I started it a couple of weeks ago, but it really begins now since it’s so close). So, in 31 days, we will be at the place where only magical things happen!

Mickey, you better hold on to your ears…the Hamilton’s will be there soon! (OK, that was a little Corney, forgive me!)

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