New & Improved

Adam and I have a new love…IKEA! I was dreaming of the day it would come to our town and it’s here! IKEA is the biggest furniture distributor in the world. It originally started in Sweden and there are stores all over the world now (I have a 5th grader who told me she has been to ones in Germany, Russia, Paris, and here…I thought that was cool). Anyway, IKEA has anything and everything you could think of at a very low price…name it and they’ve got it (almost). For example, Adam and I have bought everything from a pack of knifes ($2.99), to a 6ft mirror ($99), to a toilet brush ($1). Here are some pictures to show off some new things we got for our living room…

Here is a shot of everything…

Here’s our new mirror!

New pillows and vase…

If you haven’t been there yet…go! If you don’t have one in your town, check out for your viewing pleasure.


2 Responses

  1. You must have gotten tulips today after we left. They are beautiful, like your entire home. There must be a new budget line for Ikea.

  2. Yes…we did go get a few things at the store and tulips were one of them!

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