Talent at its Best!

Our friends, Candice and Daniel, took pictures of us about a month ago (go here to see some of them…turn your volume up). As you can tell from their work, they are great at what they do! While they were taking our pics, they had an incredibly talented videographer (I think that’s the word), Jared, shoot our “shoot” to catch Daniel and Candice in action for their new promo video. Can I just tell you that these are the best pictures anyone has ever taken of us and Adam and I cannot be more grateful for them!!

Listen up people…if you are in need of photographers for an event, wedding, new baby, or anything these are the people to get (click here)! They are so sweet and genuine and work together to achieve the best shots they can get! Taking pictures can be uncomfortable for some people, but they make you feel right at home and when you feel at home, you get amazing shots!

Candice and Daniel…this post is for you…thank you for taking amazing pictures for us, they will be forever cherished! Keep doing what you’re doing, you both are very talented photographers and I can’t wait to see where your business takes you!

One Response

  1. WOW! Thanks Elizabeth!! You guys are such great people and we couldn’t have had more fun shooting you guys! Glad you guys are forever captured in our video 🙂

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