This is the other half of 2 are better than 1 writing today! We have a sick one on our hands at the Hamilton household! Elizabeth has a nasty cold and has been laid up sick since Saturday night. The poor girl is miserable. The reason I post today is because 2 are definitely better than 1. Since Saturday I have had to cook, clean, organize, wash, fold, etc… I do not write this post to complain, but to say thank you! My wife is the best! I did not realize how much the woman does around the house until she is down for the count for a couple of days. She is like superwoman. she gets so much done in so little time. For example it took me 2 hours just to cook pancakes for dinner last night and I burnt some of the bacon. Our house looked like a fog bank time I got threw. Well this is my time to send out a public apology. For all the times I asked my wife if she was going to cook this, fold that, clean this… I am sorry. In the words of Alicia Keys you are a SUPERWOMAN!!! You hold it down around our house and I appreciate you very much. I hope that you get better soon or we are going to die of starvation. I love you baby!


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  1. Too sweet!

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