Purple-People Leader

Growing up, I have always been the “shy” type. I was always told by either teachers or friends that I was shy and very quiet. Now, that part is true (to an extent I guess) and I grew up believing it until sooner or later it kind of took over my life and has become what I have evolved into. Don’t get me wrong, being shy and quiet is not bad in some situations (ex. I have learned to become a good listener) but it’s not always the best.

I have always thought of myself as a follower…you’ve heard it said…”there’s leaders and there’s followers”. I just took it upon myself to go ahead and catagorized myself in the “followers” group because I was that quiet, shy girl. That is why I am very excited to hear what Pastor has to say in this next series called “Purple-People Leader”. He is going to speak to everyone about activating the leadership potential within you. Everyone’s got it in them, the switch just needs to be turned on. Check back for updates during this series…I’m excited to see what kind of leader the Lord has in mind for me to be!

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