The man of the house is writing this morning!(Well Liz is sitting on the couch here with me.) I have been up since 4 this morning!!! I was too anxious to sleep. The thought of snow kept running through my head over and over again. It was a weird situation I was in. To get out of bed or to not get out of bed and go look. Really it boiled down to get out of bed and have my dreams shattered or to go and have them come true. Well I pulled myself up out of those covers and what did my wondering eye but see a wintry wonderland and my neighbors grill with snow on it. Since then I have made every excuse to go out in the snow. I have already been to the garage twice and it is 5am. Well I got Liz up and we are eagerly awaiting the school decision!!! And as I write this they just closed!!!!!!!!!!

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