Happy Birthday Adam!

It’s my man’s birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie! You see, birthday’s are a huge deal for me…it’s like having your own holiday that should be celebrated by all! It’s the day the Lord brought you into this world to start your life! Everything that you know of in the past or that has happened in the past you would have never expierenced it unless you were born! So we all need to thank our Heavenly Father for cultivating His idea and His intention to bring our life into this world! Think about it…there could be no you right now…no name, no address, no job, no family, no friends…but that is not what the Lord had intended! He has a plan for your life and He wants you to live it out! That’s why He created you…that’s why He gave you a birthday!!

So, anyway…Adam, I hope you have an amazing day today and I love you with my whole heart! Thank you for being the man of my dreams and for guiding me through life. You have lived 23 great years for the Lord and there is no doubt that year 24 will be any different! I want to challenge you this year to go for your dreams and hold nothing back! I want you to live up to your potential in the world and in Christ! There is nothing too big that we can’t handle together…dream big dreams and go for them! You have what it takes!!


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