I am My Own…

First of all, let me give a shout out to my sweet hubby…SHOUT OUT!! You are too sweet to me and I thank God everyday for giving me the privlede of being your wife. Thank you for all that you do to lift me up!

Now, this past Sunday, Pastor preached an amazing sermon on being peculiure. Go here to listen for yourself (you’ll want to). I had the privledge to sit on the front row at our Uptown campus and hear him live. Man, was that amazing! (my neck kind of hurt, but it was worth it)! Pastor preached from 1 Peter 2:9 which talks about how we are a chosen people. I felt like he was speaking directly to me and it was truly eye-opening.

Being able to work in a Chirstian enviornment has been wonderful and rewarding. However, it is very easy to have your “uniquiness” hidden. It’s easy to be seen as “normal” because the majority of people around you are Christians and believe what you believe. This, however, is different when I have to go downtown to cheer. As soon as I step foot in that locker room, I stick out like a sore thumb. People I cheer with know that I’m a Christian and know that I don’t drink or go out to clubs afterwards. It’s like their whole persona changes when I come in…people are careful as to what comes out of their mouth, and I never expect for someone to ask me to “go out” after the game. I have always looked to these types of situations as part of my mission field, but I have to admit, being the only one who is “different” is hard sometimes.

Pastor made me realize that I am my own person and God made me who I am because He loves me. I am peculuire, unique, different, PURPLE, and chosen for a reason and it’s my job to embrase my uniquiness and lead without being afraid of what people see when they look at me. Because when it comes down to standing in front of my Savior when I die, I want Him to look at me and say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant”.

I want to encourage all my readers out there to embrase your differences, your uniquiness, your “purple-ness” because YOU are a chosen people who are called to declare the praises of our God.



This is the other half of 2 are better than 1 writing today! We have a sick one on our hands at the Hamilton household! Elizabeth has a nasty cold and has been laid up sick since Saturday night. The poor girl is miserable. The reason I post today is because 2 are definitely better than 1. Since Saturday I have had to cook, clean, organize, wash, fold, etc… I do not write this post to complain, but to say thank you! My wife is the best! I did not realize how much the woman does around the house until she is down for the count for a couple of days. She is like superwoman. she gets so much done in so little time. For example it took me 2 hours just to cook pancakes for dinner last night and I burnt some of the bacon. Our house looked like a fog bank time I got threw. Well this is my time to send out a public apology. For all the times I asked my wife if she was going to cook this, fold that, clean this… I am sorry. In the words of Alicia Keys you are a SUPERWOMAN!!! You hold it down around our house and I appreciate you very much. I hope that you get better soon or we are going to die of starvation. I love you baby!

Purple-People Leader

Growing up, I have always been the “shy” type. I was always told by either teachers or friends that I was shy and very quiet. Now, that part is true (to an extent I guess) and I grew up believing it until sooner or later it kind of took over my life and has become what I have evolved into. Don’t get me wrong, being shy and quiet is not bad in some situations (ex. I have learned to become a good listener) but it’s not always the best.

I have always thought of myself as a follower…you’ve heard it said…”there’s leaders and there’s followers”. I just took it upon myself to go ahead and catagorized myself in the “followers” group because I was that quiet, shy girl. That is why I am very excited to hear what Pastor has to say in this next series called “Purple-People Leader”. He is going to speak to everyone about activating the leadership potential within you. Everyone’s got it in them, the switch just needs to be turned on. Check back for updates during this series…I’m excited to see what kind of leader the Lord has in mind for me to be!


I decided to take some quick pics of outside (I say “quick” because it was cold and I just snapped them and left)! Here is what our neck of the woods looks like…let me know what yours looks like!


The man of the house is writing this morning!(Well Liz is sitting on the couch here with me.) I have been up since 4 this morning!!! I was too anxious to sleep. The thought of snow kept running through my head over and over again. It was a weird situation I was in. To get out of bed or to not get out of bed and go look. Really it boiled down to get out of bed and have my dreams shattered or to go and have them come true. Well I pulled myself up out of those covers and what did my wondering eye but see a wintry wonderland and my neighbors grill with snow on it. Since then I have made every excuse to go out in the snow. I have already been to the garage twice and it is 5am. Well I got Liz up and we are eagerly awaiting the school decision!!! And as I write this they just closed!!!!!!!!!!

A New Look

Yay!! I’ve finally figured out how to change the “look” of my blog! As I have been reading other blogs and seeing their looks, I have always wondered why I couldn’t get the different layouts as they could. Well, drumroll please…here it is! (At least for now)! If you know me at all, I like to change things around, so you never know what you’ll get!

UPDATE: No snow yet, but I don’t think it’s suppose to fall until midnight. I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to set my alarm for sometime around then to peek out my window…I don’t think I am. Maybe I’ll just dream about snow and when I wake up it will be a “my dreams came true” kind of thing…!

Pray for Snow!!

Can you believe it?? There’s a good chance it will start snowing tonight and into the morning! Man oh man…this is something to get excited over, I mean this could lead to another day without school and spending time with my sweetie! So all you readers out there, join me in praying for this “snow storm” that is scheduled to come into town later on. (Adam already said we needed to go get a sled, so I think he has pretty high hopes!)