Thanksgiving Break

It is officially my Thanksgiving Break!! It is really suppose to start tomorrow, but I have taken the day off to spend time with my sister and my niece Harleigh. I am so excited to hang out the whole day with them because I can’t remember a time when it was just me and my sister (and Harleigh)! Here’s what the week has in store for Adam and I:

Tuesday – I get to hang out with my sis, Adam gets to go on a field trip.
Wednesday – Adam’s doc appt., then maybe a movie with my mom and sis.
Thursday – THANKSGIVING!! Adam and I are heading down to my uncle’s in Rock Hill for the day.
Friday – Heading up to Appalachian to pick our Christmas Tree and Christmas shopping!
Saturday – Going to the 1st playoff game for App
Sunday – Going to church and putting our tree up (pray for us).
Monday – Back to school…but it will be DECEMBER!!

Hope everyone else has a great week ahead of them! We finally got a charger for our camara, so check back for pictures!! Feliz dia de Accion de Gracias!

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