My Amazing Husband

Let me start off by saying that I have the most amazing husband known to man! I am so blessed to call Adam mine! Our pastor is doing a series right now called “Visionary Love, Dream Sex”. You get the hint by the title (it’s a dating, marriage, single, relationship type series). It has really opened our eyes to how Adam and I should be treating each other and the ways in which we should act.

I love Adam so much and I appreciate everything he does! I mean, there are few men out there that when they see something that needs done, they’ll go and do it…not say, “hey you need to do this or you need to do that”. I am so appreciative of what he does! To give you an idea, I’ll just name a few things you could see him doing around the house to help me out…laundry, dishes, vacuuming, swiffering, organizing, mowing the lawn, tilling, arrating, and seeding the lawn, watering the flowers, paying the bills, fixing dinner some nights (like tonight), cleaning the bathrooms, and I could go on and on! Here’s my disclaimer…I’m not a lazy wife, I just have an amazing husband!!

While he does all that, he has amazing leadership qualities he uses to lead our family the way we should be going. We have started to have a “bible study” (or Addie and Lizzy time) one night a week just me and him to just kind of catch up on things we forget about during the week and to talk about spiritual things in our lives. It’s great! If you don’t have one on one time with your husband, you need to…period.

Along with being an amazing spiritual leader, he is a great provider. I feel like I never have to worry about anything and when I do he always has it already under control…he’s 2 steps ahead of me. I love my husband so much and I am so blessed to have been given a man like him. Thank you Lord for choosing me to be his wife and thank you Adam for being my hero…you possess all the qualities it takes to be an amazing husband!! I love you!


Long time…No post!

I have to apologize for the post drought-age…Adam and I still don’t have internet, so whenever I can bum internet usage off of someone else, I do. So, since I have internet for maybe the next few minutes I decided to update my blog.

School has been going well so far. It has really kept me busy! My kids are great, although I have had to lay the law down a couple of times (haha, can you see me doing that?). I am so thankful that I have my husband to help me through all of this, because he was a newbie a couple of years ago. I have to give him major props for being there for me when I just want to come home and crash! I am totally blessed to have him in my life! Thank you Lord!

My sister Sara is expecting a little girl in 9 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited for her! We threw her a baby shower this past Tuesday and it was so much fun! I wanted to make her feel special and beautiful and she did! Adam and I are so excited to become a new Aunt and Uncle and you better believe this little girl will be spoiled everytime she visits her aunt and uncle! We can’t wait!

Anyway, that’s pretty much the up on everything, and I promise I will post more often (when we get ahold of the internet)! Until then…!!