Summer 2008

Well, summer for Adam and I, is officially over. The kids at our school started back this past Wednesday and it’s kind of been bittersweet. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane:

May 2008
We celebrated our 1st anniversary
Threw a party for my sis’s birthday
Adam finished his second year teaching
Adam started his summer job

June 2008
I finished my first year of “official work”
I celebrated a birthday

July 2008
Threw a party for my mom’s birthday
Cheerleading for the school started
Adam and I finished our summer jobs 🙂
Went to the beach with Adam’s family

August 2008
We started our first “official” teacher workdays
We were blessed to whitness over 1000 spontanious baptisims at our church(within 2 weeks)
We were apart of 2 of our best friends most special day (their wedding day)!
School started

So…this summer is one to be written in the books as a great one! Adam and I are a little disappointed though that it’s over, but we’ve got a lot to look forward to in the fall and winter (more posts to come)!