Happy Birthday Mom!

One week ago, tomorrow, marked my mom’s 60th birthday. Let me tell you…it was great! She had a great day at work with people making her feel special and that night, Adam and I threw her a party with his parents, my sister and Ken. My mom thought Adam and I were just going to take her out to dinner that night, but when the doorbell started ringing with people…we told her we were going to grill out and have a party at our house with everyone! Now, if you know my mom, you know that she is always thinking about other people and never about herself. My mom is the most greatful, un-selfish person I know and I greatly admire her for that! Since my mom does so much for other people, I wanted to make her 60th birthday something very special for her. So, Adam grilled chicken and we just had a fun time being with each other. She kept telling me that this was the best birthday she has ever had and she was so happy to spend it with us. I love my mom so much and it was the least I could do to make her feel special on her special day! I’ll leave you with a few picutres of that night and encouragement to go out of your way today to make someone feel special!


Elevation Uptown

Yes folks…Elevation is opening a third campus uptown at McGlohon Theatre on August 24! Adam and I can’t wait until then because we know God has something BIG planned up his sleeve for this campus and we are so excited about it! We went there last night for “Meet me @ McGlohon” for kind of a kick off celebration and it was awesome! The place is amazing…stained glass windows, upper balcony…it had a cool old school feeling to it and it was packed out last night! Our prayer for the Uptown campus is that God would bring in so many people off the street to hear the truth and that on the first Sunday there would be 300 salvations! Please join us in praying for this campus that the Lord would do things only he could imagine and that all the glory would be for Him!

Cardboard Testimonies


Pretty powerful!