Today Adam and I had the privledge of going on an adventure together. We were actually going to see if a Home Goods store had this wall art we wanted to put over our fireplace. We didn’t find anything, BUT we did go into Off Broadway afterwards and found, I believe, the best shoe made! Adam and I bought ourselves a pair of “Sanuks”. I’m not quite sure how you pronounce the name, but they are the most comfertable shoes I have ever worn! Now, if you know Adam, you know that he has the most flat feet any person could ever have and finding him a good pair of shoes that he can stand to wear is an adventure in itself. But when he put these shoes on it’s like his feet just melted. He could not stop telling me how good they felt (I’ll give you and update in a couple of weeks).
So these shoes/sandals are made with a sandal bottom and a flexible “shoe” top. They say that the natural feel of the sandal bottom will actually help us walk in our natural way. Most shoe stores will look at your feet and give you this high tech shoe with different gels and arches and they end up hurting your feet a month down the road. I’ve always thought it was kind of funny when Adam would go get fitted for a pair of shoes and the sales people would give him a shoe with a high arch in it when Adam doesn’t even have an arch. Come on people…you don’t put 2 un-natural things together and expect it to be comfortable! So I really have high hopes for these shoes…I guess we’ll see!


I’m Back!

Well, it has been forever since I have posted! It’s amazing how you get so busy doing other things, you just either forget, or don’t have enough time to do all you want to do. So, since my last post, Adam and I have invested in some patio furniture. We have been looking for some for a while and have never really been satisfied on something. We went a couple days ago to Target and found some furniture we really like and what’s even better is that the set was 1/2 price (the Lord keeps blessing us everyday)! I love Target! Anyway, here are some recent pics of us enjoying our new patio stuff!