Moving Day!

Well, tomorrow’s the big day! WE’RE MOVING!!! I can’t believe it’s already here. Adam and I thought (key word – thought) we didn’t have that much stuff to move, but when we started packing, that all changed. We ended up having to rent a moving truck which was probably the smartest thing to do. Adam’s parents, my dad, and Adam’s Aunt and Uncle came over tonight to help load everything up. Surprisingly, it went very smooth and fast! We are staying at Adam’s parent’s house tonight and then in the morning, we have our final walk through and then our closing is at 12pm. After that, the fun begins…..unpacking! I’m actually very excited because I get to decide where things go. I am sad to leave our little one bedroom apartment though because that was where we called “home” for a year and a lot of memories were made (good and bad). We are very thankful, however, that the Lord provided an amazing place like that that we could get started in. The Lord has definatly been good to us and has blessed us beyond belief! Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow that everything would go smoothly and the right decisions would be made.

Moving countdown – 14 hours!



I don’t know how to start this out other than saying that God is absolutely amazing! Yesterday was Easter (Happy late Easter) and it was an incredible day at Elevation Church! Over 4800 people were in attendance among the 6 services that were given and here’s the big news….over 500 people accepted Christ!!! How amazing is that? It was defiantly something only God gets the glory for! Our pastor (Pastor Steven) always said to pray BIG prayers and it was my prayer that over 500 people would get saved! God is such an amazing God who hears our prayers and will answer them. I did invite all the cheerleaders I cheer with, but none of them came. I was kind of discouraged because I know how desperate they need the Lord. I feel like God has truly put me in that situation and around those people to be a vessel of hope for them.

Adam and I went to Starbucks yesterday after church and we sat down to chat for a little bit. I noticed how most of the people in Starbucks didn’t look like they went to church that morning and Adam made a statement that seems very true. He said that the generation before us (our mom’s and dad’s and grandparents) defiantly saw Easter as one of the main holidays that comes around and were always in church celebrating. He said that our generation, on the other hand, just sees Easter as some holiday where the Easter Bunny comes around and egg hunts are given (I did get an Easter basket from my mom yesterday…shout out to her!) and doesn’t see Easter as a celebration of Christ’s death and most importantly his resurrection. It made me realize that we are living in a lost generation and if we don’t do something about it, it will remain lost. He really encouraged me to continue to be a light among the darkness and to continue to be bold in my faith. I love my husband! OK, well hope you all have a great Easter Monday off (if you do have it off) and a great week this week! We’re moving in T-minus 4 days!!!

NCAA Brackets

So, Adam and I made our brackets for the tournament and let me just say, I never knew how competitive I was until this! We made them with our small group and surprisingly, I am in 1st place! Now, that all might change with the next couple of rounds coming up, so I guess we’ll see!

On another note, we have begun our spree of packing up to move into our new house. We have so much stuff, most of it we have never used since we’ve been married! Packing is definatly a process! Anyway, just wanted to give a little update and I’m sure I’ll be updating a lot more frequently because we’ve got a lot going on in the next few weeks! Until then…adios!

It’s Official!

Well, it’s FINALLY OFFICIAL!!! Adam and I will be moving into our new house the weekend of March 28th! Our loan finally went through on Friday and Adam called me to tell me the great news. This has definatly been a blessing because we did not have a plan B!

Last night, Adam and I started packing some things that we don’t really use. We started in the kitchen and I never realized how much stuff we really have. I mean, we’ve already packed up 15 boxes of kitchen stuff that we haven’t used since we’ve been married! I think we underestimated how much stuff we really do have.

On another note, church was amazing yesterday! Pastor told us that we wouldn’t want to miss it because a special guest would be in the house. Adam and I were wracking our brains on who it could be (Adam guessed Josh McDowell). Our guesses were wrong. It was the music director for all of the Billy Graham Crusades, Cliff Barrows. Before yesterday, I have never heard of him, but they showed a slideshow of his life and man, he really is a legend! He has been with Billy Graham since his Crusades started and they are still the best of friends. Mr. Barrows really gave our generation a peek into what his generation was like and it was amazing. He prayed over our congregation and for our Pastor and the staff at Elevation. It was definatly encouraging seeing an 85 year old man still walking strong with the Lord and saying that his best days have yet to come! It was a blessing for Adam and I to have the privledge to sit and listen to him! We can really learn a ton from the generation before us and I believe we need to open our ears and listen!

Anyway, time for work…have a great day!


I just have to take this moments and confess. I am probably one of the biggest fans of American Idol. I know it’s bad, but it’s one of those shows you just can’t help but watch. Now don’t get me wrong, Adam is as much of a fan as I am! Because of our crazy weeks we normally don’t get to watch it on the nights it comes on, so we DVR it and watch it on Saturdays. Ahh…I feel better getting that off my chest…! Well, to be honest, there’s others….Life of Ryan, Project Runway, and pretty much any reality show. Ok, now I feel better!

Anyway, on another note, I cheered at the Bobcats game last night and I got to meet our Pastor, Steven Furtick along with the Associate Pastor, Chunks Corbett. I saw them walk in with some of the guys Adam and I wash dishes with at Calvary and he introduced me to them. They were very nice, and it was an honor to meet them. I was sad that Adam couldn’t be there to meet them also.

Ok, well, I’m going to finish watching American Idol (AI)!