Happy 2008!

Well, this begins another year for us! It’s hard to believe it’s already 2008! This year has got a lot to prove to beat 2007! I mean, 2007 will be a hard year to beat…I graduated, Adam and I got married, started my first real job, had our first Thanksgiving/Christmas together as a married couple, etc. I do have high hopes for this year and look forward to the days ahead!

Off the subject, Adam bought him and I a devotional book to help us go through the bible. I was really excited when he showed it to me because it looks really good. Today I read about hope and Noah and the hope God sent Noah by when the dove brought back an olive branch to show there was land somewhere. It also gave examples of how we can be hope to others by living as Christ followers. I really gained more perspective of the “Noah and the Ark” story by kind of looking at in a different point of view. Just something to think about!


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