Put Everything on the Table!

So, this past Sunday’s message from Pastor Furtick was absolutely amazing! I don’t have time to get into the details now (you can go to elevationchurch.org to listen to it), but it was great! He basically talked about how God is such a merciful God and we should be grateful for that. He also said that giving back to Him is an offering of worship, which is very true. Basically, everything you have and everything you are belongs to God. He is the owner and you are the manager. Pastor Steven gave this example of putting everything you have on the table and offering it up to God as His. So, when Adam and I got home from church, I felt very convicted to put everything we had on the table and surrendering everything to Him. Now, I am a visual person, so what did I do? I started putting everything we had on our dinning room table! No, I didn’t put the tv on it or furniture; for the big stuff I just got the paperwork out for them and put the paper on the table. But all the little stuff went on the table (money, clothes, possessions, etc.) Adam thought I was nuts while he was watching me do this, but when I was done, Adam and I sat at the table and Adam prayed offering everything up to the Lord (ourselves included). You might think I’m a little crazy for doing this, but now I have a true sense that everything we have belongs to Him…

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