Tomorrow’s Friday!

Yay! Tomorrow’s Friday! This week has gone by fast for me and I am loving that! I have spent half of the week packing up my teacher and getting her ready to go to her new school. It has been a relaxing half of the week because our class was dissolved into other Kindergarten classes, so the past couple of days it has been really peaceful with just me, my teacher, and the TV! We had a going away party for her today and it was bittersweet. I want to wish her the best of luck at her new job and hope everything goes well for her!

So, tomorrow’s Friday! Adam and I are lucky enough to have the privilege of heading down to the beach for the weekend. Even though its going to be a short trip, we’ll take anything just to have a little relaxation! It’s suppose to be beautiful down there so we are really excited! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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