Enjoy Life!

Yay!! The weekend is finally here! It sounds kind of bad that I wish away the days just to get to the weekend…our pastor talked one Sunday about enjoying where you are at in life “right now”! It really hit home because I had not been doing that and I felt really convicted. For example, the whole time I was engaged, I was wishing that I was married already! I barely had time to enjoy being engaged and really taking advantage of all the benefits/qualities of being a fiance (not a wife…yet). I don’t really regret it now, but I was engaged for a year and a half and I thought that the day would never get here, and now as I look back, that year and a half went by so fast! I don’t know, just a thought to think about. A little advise I once heard…don’t waste away your days, make the best of your moments!

So tomorrow’s Saturday and Adam and I are headed up to the Appalachian game with some of his family and our friends. I actually just got done baking some cookies to take up there to munch on! I’m nodding off while I write this, so it’s definitely time to call it a day!

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